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2008 Summer Program

World class ingenuity, artistry, agility, and teamwork. That describes the international athletes at the Olympics and, we hope, our workshops. To celebrate the Bejing Olympiad, create your own team of runners, riders, swimmers, rowers, and more. Ten inch tall figures designed for action. Construct a judge, spectators and press. Three classes will master a share of the competitions. Each class will contribute to a gala opening ceremony. Each class will construct a venue to stage its competition on Friday August 22nd.

Advanced Projects Include

* Shot putter or Discus
* Cyclist (with motor)
* Equestrian Steeple Chase
* Sprinter (with motor)
* Gymnast Parallel bars (with motor)
* 2 Person Rowing (with motor)
* Fencer

Special Thanks: Ningbo Motors (China) North Sail, Duracell.

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