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2012 Summer Program

The illustrator William Joyce (b.1957) has produced children's books, movies, and iPhone Apps that are changing the way we seen the world. All the while he has stayed very close to how he saw the world when he was 5. In The World of William Joyce Scrapbook(© 1997), he tells (and shows) his story. Make your own Scrapbook. Explore his stories, and his love of monsters, dinosaurs, bugs and spaceships. Draw, paint in watercolor and construct characters like Joyce's and of your own invention. Make little people and mix them in with real toys. Build an All Important Rocket Pack to remind yourself that with imagination, you can travel anywhere. Learn from a master's story how to begin your story as an artist.

We will read some of Joyce's stories (Rolie Polie Olie, Dinosaur Bob, The Man in the Moon, George Shrinks) and you can build your own versions of some of his beloved characters.

Visit William Joyce's website: to learn more about him.

Joyce has worked on many Pixar films and is the force behind his own Moonbot Studios App of the Year for 2011, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore as well as the new App of the month, The Numberlys.

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