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2014 Summer Program

In the middle ages, alchemists of the East and West studied the mystery of fire. The Chinese were the first to harness the chemistry of gunpowder for the artful, ceremonial and practical purposes.

In this week of American fireworks, reenact the 1000 year history of rockets in China. Begin with simple chemistry. Attach and launch rockets to ceremonial bamboo birds. Recreate the Ming Dynasty's Wan Hu's rocket throne (with 1 rocket, not 47), a legendary, bold and disastrous story of the first astronaut.

Construct a remote controlled Jade Rabbit玉兔 or Yutu as a tribute to the brilliant, but short life of the Chinese lunar rover that reached the moon on December 14, 2013. A safe introduction to mastering fire and dreams.
Batteries and Estes rockets included.

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