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2013 Summer Program

In the age of Empire, Rome ruled the known world by conquest and trade. Once it ruled Egypt, it's trade ships learned to follow the monsoons across the Erythraean Sea (Persian Gulf) to India. The Romans coveted the treasures of Western and Southern India so much that Rome's leaders complained that all its silver and gold was traveling East.

Construct a Roman merchant ship with its square sail, distinctive stern post carved in the figure of a swan. Then fill it with treasures. Join a group to construct the ports and products of India: silks, linen and cotton, incense, perfume and medicines, coral, topaz and glass, and, very important – Indigo. Romans loved this deep, rich purple dye.

Construct, crate, and transport tigers, rhinoceroses, elephants and serpents to perform in a spectacular Roman Circus on Friday, July 12th.

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