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2015 Summer Program

Henri Rousseau was born in France to a family with little money. He had little schooling and no formal art training. Late in this life his self-taught style produced vivid, distinctly original animals in jungle scenes imagined from visits to botanic gardens and dreams. His paintings excited the young artists Matisse, Picasso and Brancusi and touch the art of 20th Century which was just beginning when he died.

Cut and stitch a lion or a tiger or a cat, bright flowers and a Carnival hat guided by Rousseau’s forms and colors. Learn to stitch or knot simple details. All week long, as a group, work on a Rousseau tableau, which on Friday afternoon, you and your creations will bring to life.

If time permits, perhaps visit the Marsh Botanical Gardens at Yale to experience the exotic plants that excited Rousseau’s imagination.

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