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It doesn't take a meteorologist to know which way the wind blows…to paraphrase a favorite songwriter, but it does take some learning and some practice to understand the 4 cardinal directions, N, E, S,W and how the direction of the wind affects our weather.

Weather affects everything we do. Build a weather person with a wind vane at its back. When the wind turns it on his spinning base, look at the compass you've embedded and know which direction the wind is coming from. Learn to look at clouds and cloud patterns. What do they mean?

Meets Connecticut Science Standards

  • K.3: Weather conditions vary daily and seasonally.

Meets Common Core Standards

Meets Next Generation Science Standards

  • K-ESS3: Earth and Human Activity KESS3-1: Use a model to represent the relationship between the needs of different plants or animals (including humans) and the places they live.. KESS3-2: Ask questions to obtain information about the purpose of weather forecasting to prepare for, and respond to, severe weather. ETS1.A : Asking questions, making observations, gathering information are helpful in thinking about problems.

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