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Wonderland At 150

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2015 Summer Program

In 1865, Charles Dodgson, a young mathematician at Oxford, published a fanciful tale that he had invented for his young friend Alice Liddell. (He found he could overcome a severe stammer in storytelling and singing.) Dodgson took the pen name Lewis Carroll. His book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is an English literature classic still celebrated 150 years later.

Adventure deep into Wonderland. Adventure deep into Victorian England. Victoria was England’s Queen and a fan of Carroll’s Alice. Construct Victorian toys to explore the story and its era. Build a thaumatrope to make the Cheshire Cat appear. A spinning mushroom with Caterpillar. A rolling hedgehog. Creatures mixed together from parts the way Carroll mixed together words. A Garden Maze. A mask to wear to a Friday Tea Party and game of croquet. With simple word games and number puzzles that add to Alice’s magic.

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