Birthdays for Pre K – 6 yo

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Stories to listen to and a project to build. Listen, learn, and create.

We urge you to buy these books for your child AND yourself.

Birthday project

Rolling Egg Series

Rolling Egg Series thumbnail

Build a Unicorn, Dragon, or Penguin with a hole in the middle. Why the hole? Watch the egg tumble in his tummy when he rolls along. Or a Cement Truck!

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Shooting Castle Bank

Shooting Castle Bank thumbnail

Build a castle tower to protect your gold.

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Beyond Humpty Dumpty

Beyond Humpty Dumpty thumbnail

Did you ever wonder what happened to Humpty Dumpty after his fall? What if the kings horses and king's men were able to put Humpty back together again?

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Birthday project

Dancing Pirate

Dancing Pirate thumbnail

A pirate, a parrot, a motor, an eccentric wheel and battery.

Arghhh! Dancing.

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Homage to Lisa Mantchev's "Strictly No Elephants"

No Elephants Welcome?

Strictly No Elephants <em>story</em>

Strictly No Elephants, a book by Lisa Mantchev and illustrated by Taeeun Yoo. A story of true friendship and one that demonstrates that friends, like pets, come in all shapes and sizes.

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Homage to Jon Agee's 'Life on Mars'

The Little Astronaut and the Martian

Life on Mars <em>story</em>

A young astronaut lands on Mars to search for signs of life but is comically unaware of the Martian following him on his explorations. An introduction to the kind of book where the reader knows more information than the main character does. Jon Agee's Life on Mars is a treasure.

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Homage to Josh Funk's Dear Dragon

My Pen Pal is a Dragon!

My Pen Pal is a Dragon! thumbnail

A story of friendship and looking past perceived differences. Josh Holt's Dear Dragon: a Pen Pal Tale is a friendship story in rhyme to help all of us appreciate the person underneath physical differences.

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Homage to Eric Litwin's Pete the Cat

My Four Groovy Buttons

My Four Groovy Buttons thumbnail

Another favorite makes homage to Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons. A great counting story, and you'll find the song truly infectious.

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Let Your Fingers do the Talking

Dexterity Games

Dexterity Games thumbnail

Dexterity games are found in every culture and tradition.

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Homage to Rosenthal & Corace's 'Little Hoot'

Can I Please Go To Bed Now?

Can I Please Go To Bed Now? thumbnail

'Sleepy' the owl is our design to accompany the charming book 'Little Hoot' by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Jen Corace about a little owl who can't wait to grow up and let his kids go to bed as early as they want. Sweet and funny. Little Hoot

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Frog Sings Songs

Frog Sings Songs thumbnail

New in 2015 and inspired by a Vietnamese folk toy and a book by Yvonne Winer and Tony Oliver, Frog Sings Songs, we celebrate the joy of frog sounds and colors in the hope that they will live on undisturbed in their natural habitats.

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Homage to Tomie dePaola's 'The Knight & the Dragon'

The Clumsy Dragon

The Clumsy Dragon thumbnail

Inspired by Tomie dePaola's The Knight and the Dragon. A sweet story of a sheepish knight and a clumsy dragon who discover there's more to life than fighting.

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Homage to Robert Krause's Leo the Late Bloomer

Has Leo Bloomed Yet? (2021 redesign)

Has Leo Bloomed Yet? (2021 redesign) thumbnail

Robert Kraus' Leo the Late Bloomer is the story of how a little tiger named Leo bloomed in his own good time is another one of our favorites.

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Build a classic wooden toy train produced by apprentices

Apprentice Trains

Apprentice Trains thumbnail

Build a classic toy train, modeled after the toys of children from earlier years. These trains last a life-time, and make for the perfect toy to be played with for years! With unending decorating possibilities, this toy train introduces a child to the fundamentals of building and crafting with wood.

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