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2021 Bird Beak Variations

2021 Bird Beak Variations thumbnail

Ever wonder why different birds' beaks look the way they do? Why are some bird's beaks pointy? curved? long? short?

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2021 Ecosystems:Magnetic Pendulum

Ecosystems Magnetic Pendulum 2021

2021 New Design

All creatures live in a web of resources that support or suppress their growth. Create a dynamic model of an insect’s or bird’s world. Suspend a magnetized creature on a pendulum. Add food and shelter (with magnets) that attract the creature and predators and hazards that repel it. The creature navigates a complex and fascinating path.

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2021 Environmental Design: Birdfeeder

Birdfeeder 2012

Feeders influence the world of birds. You must understand the habits and needs of the birds you wish to help. Which seeds are most nutritious? Which bird likes which seed? Are there things that I should not serve? Where should I locate the feeder?

So many birds, so many rules you need to understand.

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