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Summer 2021 Covid-19 Update.

Our 2021 summer classes will be On-Site and entirely outdoors under tents. This is for All classes.

Registration opens March 1st.

Regards, EWM

Registration is closed.

Welcome to Summer 2021. Scroll Down to see 37 week-long offerings.

Each summer, the Workshop devotes itself to a series of week long day camp workshops for young experimenters ages 6 and up. 37 workshops to choose from, for a summer of inquisitive fun.

This year, as last year, we are using our Regpacks registration platform, so if you are a returning camper, basic registration information should still be in there. Log-in with your email from last year.

Parents, please check whose email was used prior to this year so that you don't create duplicate records.

You will update any information that needs it, you must update the age information and any medical information and then register for Summer classes. If you have forgotten a password, ask for a new one (and be sure to check your spam folder.) If you are new to our programs, sign up and get started.

Please note that Extended Day sign ups and Ice Cream sign up will not be available until closer to the summer.

Registration is now open.

If you wish to register, click on the class you want to register for and go to the Registration Page via the link on that page.

*All registrations must be filled out on the registration site.*Here.

Instructions are with the registration section of the site.

More Information, registration details, cancellations, refunds, credit carry forward, etc. etc. may be found at*Here.

You can also log in to the Profile Page on the registration site to make most changes and to pay balances.

2021 POLICIES Please note!

The minimum age in our classes is 6 years old. A child should have already done an all day Kindergarten program or equivalent to comfortably navigate our days. **
• Please pay attention to the ages required for the programs. We try to design programs to match the readiness of campers. If you have questions, you may give us a call at 203.777.1833.

***HEALTH FORM: Form and Policies 2021.***No exceptions.
You will be able to upload current health forms directly to your child's registration (it's on the Terms and Conditions page) All health forms must be signed by your physician and you, and be dated within three years. If you wish, the Health Department form can also be downloaded from our site. The medical form may be downloaded here.

It has areas for Immunization information, Allergy Information, Other Concerns information etc. which we must have on file for your child to spend any time with us this summer. This one page form gives us a succinct view of your child's medical issues and needs which is exactly what we need should there be any kind of emergency. We will accept all health forms.

Your child will not be able to start the week without a signed form on file.

****Waiting Lists and Program Information****
The online system will indicate whether a class is full. You will receive an email listing any or all wait listed classes and registrations. We encourage you to sign up on Wait Lists since there is almost always some movement in classes before the actual class date.

*****Unpaid Balances*****
You will receive an email reminder to pay any unpaid balances prior to May 1. Final balances are due

by May 1st.

After May 1st, we will automatically charge the card which you used to sign up. Please note that we cannot guarantee space in a class unless balances are paid in full – unless you have made other payment arrangements with us when you signed up. You can call the office at 203.777.1833 to discuss.

*****Project Images*****
We upload an image(s) of the different projects as soon as we've refined the designs. This goes on for many months. You will see a small icon in the catalog listing below indicating whether an image has been uploaded.

Any questions, please call the Workshop at 203.777.1833.

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